WATCH: Foo Fighters dress up as cheerleaders and footballers in spoof video

18 January 2019, 16:37

Foo Fighters’ share spoof American Football video for Super Saturday Night

The Learn To Fly rockers have dressed up to prepare for their gig, which will take place ahead of the Super Bowl on 2 February.

Foo Fighters have released a spoof video which sees them dressed up as cheerleaders and American footballers ahead of their pre-Super Bowl gig.

Earlier today the band released teaser videos which saw them in the sports-themed shoot, which advertises their Super Saturday night gig ahead of the Super Bowl on Saturday 2 February 2019.

Now you can watch the full video, which was shared on their offical YouTube channel and sees the whole band get involved, above.

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl dresses as cheerleeder and Taylor Hawkins dresses as football player in spoof video. Picture: YouTube/ Foo Fighters


The last time the Foo Fighters released a spoof video, it was to address the rumours that they were splitting up in 2016.

Teased as a "big announcement" the mockumentary-style video saw Dave Grohl going it alone without the aid of his guitar, or frankly... any musical talent whatsoever.

Meanwhile the remainder of the Foos decide to stick it out together and think about who to enlist as their new frontman, with Gwen Stefani being thrown into the ring.

Plus The Newlyweds star Nick Lachey even does a cameo and sings the Foos classic track, Everlong.

We can't un-hear it! 

Watch the hilarious spoof of the band splitting up below:

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